TopPart XL/LF- FERDINAND'S WAVY lace front mono top hairpiece


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Ferdinand's TopPart XL/LF easily clips in to provide coverage and volume for the top of the head.  Featuring a larger 9" x 9" ultra realistic hand tied monofilament base, virtually invisible sheer lace front, perfect for boosting volume, concealing thin hair on top or covering root growth between touch ups.   Exquisite synthetic fiber looks and feels like healthy real hair


  • Perfect Base Size - Ideal for boosting volume, concealing thinning hair on top of head or covering root growth between touch ups
  • Welded Monofilament Base - The hand tied monofilament base creates the appearance of natural hair growth, allowing parting in any direction.
  • Sheer Lace Front -  Virtually invisible sheer lace front that provides an  undetectable hairline and amazing off-the-face styling versatility.

*Special order colors are available in 5-7 days from order


For years I have been buying wigs from online stores and have spent hundreds of dollars. I could never find one that I truly loved and fit perfectly. I highly recommend Ferdinand's wigs! They are so helpful and kind you will not be disappointed. They make you feel very welcomed and they will do whatever it takes to find exactly what you are looking for. I am looking forward to my next visit with them.

Rachel T.
Mansfield, IL

Phenomenal experience. I was very self conscious of my thinning hair - but was made to feel very comfortable immediately. You went the extra mile not only in a perfect color match, but even in meeting me for pick up after hours due to family situation. I can’t say enough about how wonderful you both are! I will tell anyone who will listen what a great experience I had!

Nikki H.
Farmington, IL

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