Proudly serving over 30,000 Central Illinois customers with personal professional care since 1962. Offering the finest quality wigs from the industries leading manufacturers, we specialize in assisting Chemotherapy patients, Alopecia sufferers and persons with thinning hair find the perfect medical hair loss solutions.  Book a consultation today with one of our professionals and be amazed at the comfort and confidence you will feel in your new hair.

A little about our founder Myrna Hawkins

Myrna Hawkins, owner, inventor, and ballroom dancer. Myrna began as a licensed beautician in 1952. In 1962, she opened her first wig salon on Fulton Street in Peoria, Illinois. Over the next several years, Ferdinand's expanded into seven retail stores located all over Central Illinois. Ferdinand's offered a full line of woman's wigs, a private men's department for toupee fittings, and an evening class once a week to instruct customers how to care and style their Human Hair wigs.

The wig business has undergone many transformations over the years, and unfortunately hair loss due to chemotherapy was on the rise. Myrna knew she needed to find a secure and comfortable way for her customers to keep their wigs on even if they didn't have any hair. This is when she invented the original Comfy Grip and changed the way we wear wigs. No longer do you need two way tape or to have your wig shift on your head. A sign of a truly wonderful idea is the Imitation products and gel bands that are on the market today. Of course, we welcome competition, but don't be fooled. Our Comfy Grip products are filled with a gel that is made in the United States, with high quality dry-polymer material that is self healing, hypoallergenic, and dissipates body heat. Our Velcro attachments are fused on and guaranteed not to come loose. Well, Myrna is quite the inventor as you can see. When she realized the comfort the gel filled band could provide the head, she turned her attention to her own feet.

Myrna suffers from a painful and disfiguring condition called Hammer Toe and Crossover Toe. She is an avid ballroom dancer and needed a way to comfortably wear her high heeled dance shoes. Nothing she tried worked. Worse yet, the products she did try were bulky and ugly looking!! Who needs that?