Comfy Toe Brace HD- Ferdinand&
Comfy Toe Brace HD- Ferdinand&

Comfy Toe Brace HD- Ferdinand's Invisible Toe Straightener - Hammer Toe Brace


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  • Hammertoe relief without surgery.
  • Slip on this nearly invisible bracing to straighten misaligned toes.
  • Non-allergenic, fungus resistant, medically approved dry polymer gel.
  • Extremely durable, will not leak if punctured, self-healing.
  • Eliminates circulation cut-off, holds the toe down and straight!


  • Slip loop over your second toe, then fold sides under and adjust brace. Pull snug to straighten hammertoe.  Medically approved skin like loop hold your toe straight and comfortable adhering without adhesives.  Gel on the underside provides cushion for surrounding toes.

commonly called Hammertoe, Crossover Toe, Overlapping Toe, Crooked Toe

Question:  Can this help with bunions and will it fit inside a shoe?
Comfy toe brace fits in any shoe easily and comfortably. I wear it over my second toe to hold it down and into alignment.

It definitely fits in shoes, takes up almost no room. What it does for me is that it keeps the toe it's on from crossing the adjacent toe. I have bunions on the big toe joint of both feet that cause the 2nd toe to cross on top of the big toe. This realigns the 2nd toe into correct position. It does not correct the bunion itself, but nothing short of surgery can do that. Without this brace I can't wear shoes.

Question:  After you put the loop over the toe where do you put the rest of the brace - does it go behind the other toes?

Answer:  Yes it goes behind the other toes. I find it to be very comfortable, easy to keep clean and reuse.

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